Pascal Getreuer  |


  • Solid programming skills C/C++, Python, and MATLAB
  • Experience with HTML, LaTeX, Java, C#, SQL, x86 and M68K assembly
  • Scripting: Python, Perl, JavaScript, AWK, Visual Basic
  • Technologies: OpenCV, FFmpeg, Boost, Win32 API, OpenMP
  • Tools: GCC, MSVC, git, Valgrind, Doxygen

Research Interests

Image and signal processing, inverse problems, computational geometry, scientific computing, applications in medicine and biology, software engineering



University of California, Los Angeles
Ph.D in Mathematics
Advisor: Luminita A. Vese, Ph.D Thesis: “Contour Stencils and Variational Image Processing”


University of Colorado, Boulder
Concurrent B.S./M.S. in Applied Mathematics, magna cum laude
Advisor: François G. Meyer, M.S. Thesis: “ENO Schemes with General Discretizations”



Sr. Software Engineer,  Google Research


Software Engineer,  Sierra Nevada Corporation


I was a recipient of the competitive National Science Foundation Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (DMS-1004694), of which about 35 are awarded each year. From Jul 2010 to Jul 2011, I worked at École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (Cachan, France) with mentor J.-M. Morel. From Aug 2011 to Jul 2012, I worked at Yale University with mentor R. Coifman. My activity:

Research Assistant, Placental Analytics, LLC
Placental Analytics is a research company focused on study of the human placenta, directed by Dr. C. Salafia. My role was to develop software to analyze photographs and digitized slide images as well as 3D surface scans. As part of this work, I developed a fast image segmentation method, capable of training from one million samples in under a minute. My responsibilities:
  • Leadership position in project coordination
  • Collaboration with researchers in medicine, math, physics
  • Algorithm development in image processing and computational geometry
  • Software development (C, C++, MATLAB on Linux and Windows)
  • Data processing (Excel, VBA, SQL)

Research Assistantship
UCLA Mathematics Department · Los Angeles, CA 90095-1555
Research on variational image techniques and inverse problems with advisor Professor L. Vese.


C++ Software Consultant, Placental Analytics, LLC
I consulted on a digital histology project on analysis of very large (∼50000 × 50000 pixel) images in a modified TIFF format. I implemented the analysis as plugin for Aperio ScanScope using C++ and Win32 API for user interface. I re-implemented the analysis as a standalone program and developed a multi-threaded strategy to improve speed.


HRL Research
HRL Laboratories, LLC. · 3011 Malibu Canyon Road · Malibu, CA 90265-4797
This internship addressed noise and blur problems in millimeter wave imaging. I researched total variation regularized image techniques with mentor P. Saisan.


NSF VIGRE Research
UCB 526 · University of Colorado · Boulder, CO 80309-0526
As an undergraduate researcher, I studied image processing and essentially non-oscillatory multiresolution schemes under the guidance of Professors F. Meyer, J. Curry, and A. Dougherty.

Teaching Experience

Teaching assistantships at UCLA for the following courses
  • Lower Division: Introduction to Programming, Calculus, Probability
  • Upper Division: Applied Numerical Methods, Mathematical Imaging, Optimization


  • NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
  • Graduate Research Training Fellowship
  • Mentor Research Fellowship
  • Teaching Assistantship
  • Dean's Honor Scholarship
  • UCB VIGRE Undergraduate Research


  • Heaviside Wealth Management Award for Outstanding Graduate Research
  • SAMPTA Young Researchers Scholarship
  • SPIE Student Travel Grant
  • UCB Outstanding Senior for Research Excellence
  • Math Contest in Modeling 2006 highest “outstanding” rank, MAA prize, SIAM prize
  • Math Contest in Modeling 2005 highest “outstanding” rank
  • Math Contest in Modeling 2004 highest “outstanding” rank, MAA prize


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Synergistic Activities


IPOL Technical Team
Provide technical assistance for the journal Image Processing On Line.

Summer 2009

UCLA Applied Math REU Mentor
Assisted Professors T. Wittman and L. Vese in mentoring a team of undergraduate students in a medical imaging research project.


MATLAB File Exchange
Contributing author on the MATLAB File Exchange and member of the File Exchange Review Team 2005–2006. This web resource provides publicly available materials for many areas of science and mathematics.

Spring 2004

Colorado Space Grant Consortium
Developed methods for stereoscopic imaging and parallax correction with the DINO Satellite Science Team.


Medical and Education Research Institution of Colorado
(MERIC, Colorado Springs) Assisted director Dr. J. Elias with programming and algorithms for modeling patellofemoral cartilage.

Conference Participation

  • International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computational Science: Waterloo, July 25–29, 2011 (invited speaker)
  • 17th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing: Corfu, Greece, July 6–8, 2011
  • Joint Mathematical Meeting, San Francisco, January 13–16, 2010
  • Random Shapes '09: UCLA Lake Arrowhead Center, December 6–11, 2009 (invited speaker)
  • Sampling Theory and Applications '09: Marseille, May 18–22, 2009 (invited speaker)
  • IS&T/SPIE Computational Imaging VII: San Jose, California, January 18–22, 2009
  • IS&T/SPIE VCIP: San Jose, California, January 18–22, 2009

Editorial Activities

Editorial board member for the journal Image Processing On Line.

Manuscript reviewer for
  • Applied Numerical Mathematics
  • Bentham Science Publishers
  • Circuits, Systems & Signal Processing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
  • Image Processing On Line
  • International Journal of Computer Vision
  • International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology
  • Journal of Computer Science and Technology
  • Journal of Electronic Imaging
  • Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision
  • Journal of Scientific Computing
  • Journal of Zhejiang University Science Computers & Electronics
  • Methods and Applications of Analysis
  • SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences
  • Technometrics