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Contour Sencils

This page has papers, software, and online demonstrations about contours stencils.


Contour stencils is a new method for estimating the image contours based on total variation along curves. In the figure below, contour stencils are used to estimate the contours of the input image.  The estimated contours are then used to interpolate the image as a linear combination of oriented Gaussian functions, where the orientations follow the estimated contours.

Input Estimated Contours (click for larger view)
  Contour Stencil Interpolation (CPU time 0.082s)
Photograph by John D. Willson, USGS Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative.

The works below develop contour stencils and its application to fast edge adaptive color interpolation and demosaicing.

Online demos

Try contour stencils online with your own images.



Articles and Software