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MSPRF Fellowship

The Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (MSPRF) program is a competitive postdoctoral fellowship for math and statistics researchers provided by the U.S. National Science Foundation.

I was very fortunate to be an MSPRF recipient (DMS-1004694). From Jul 2010 to Jul 2011, I worked at École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (Cachan, France) with mentor Jean-Michel Morel. From Aug 2011 to Jul 2012, I worked at Yale University with mentor Ronald Coifman. I am grateful to my mentors and to the many colleagues and collaborators I have met through this experience.

Summary of results

  • Much work on Contour Stencils, a methodology for edge-adaptive image interpolation.
  • I became an author and technical team member of the new online journal Image Processing On Line (IPOL). I published 10 articles in IPOL on topics in interpolation, demosaicking, and total variation regularization.
  • With perinatal pathologist Carolyn Salafia and other collaborators of Placental Analytics, we used techniques from diverse areas of science in a multidisciplinary effort to analyze and model aspects of the human placenta.
  • With Melissa Tong and my doctoral advisor Luminita Vese, we published a paper “A Variational Model for the Restoration of MR Images Corrupted by Blur and Rician Noise” on several methods for noise and blur removal in 3D MRI images.
  • With Lisa Yang, we adapted the recent block matching 3D (BM3D) image denoising method to CT reconstruction.